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Toe Socks

€ 22,00


  • Toe socks / grip socks are compulsory studio footwear.
  • We stock a wide variety of colours and styles in the studio.
  • We cater for men & women from sizes UK 3.5-13.
  • Choose toes together, toes separated, toes covered, toes open.
  • Purchase a pair online and pick out your favourite at your first class.

Please note:

  • This product is for studio collection only.
  • We do not post this product.

All images property of ToeSox

Indulge your Feet, Free your Toes

Grip socks are perfect for Pilates, Yoga and Dance studios, where the rubber grips on the sole allow freedom of movement without the danger of slipping.

Not everyone enjoys having their toes separated so we have extended our range to include Tavi Noir for women and Base for men.

toe sox full
toe sox grip

The Benefits of Toe Socks:

  • Greater awareness of your toes helps your feet function properly. 
  • Toe socks allow your toes to move freely, improving balance and posture.
  • Secure grip keeps you safe from slipping during some exercises.
  • Toe movement increases blood circulation through the foot helping your feet to maintain the correct temperature – not too hot, not too cold. 
  • Toe movement also helps maintain the natural shape of your feet, rigid toes tend to curve and overlap. 

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