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Pilates matwork exercise

Imagine a workout without sweat and without boring repetitive exercises!

In a Pilates class we rarely perform an exercise more than 3 to 5 times and never to the point of strain.
You will learn to become more aware of your body not only in class but in your day to day routine. 

There are 6 fundamental principles to the matwork:


You have to concentrate on what you are doing – not just your mind but your entire body.


No sloppy, slapdash movements. Each exercise must be performed with control. This gives rise to positive results and avoids injury.


Pilates works from the inside out targeting deep core muscles – creating strong support for the body - before working the superficial muscles.


Each movement has a purpose. Focus the mind and body on doing just one movement correctly rather than several incorrectly.

Flowing Movement

The matwork exercises are designed to flow from one to another and also within each exercise. No jerky uncontrolled movements rather each exercise should be one smooth fluid graceful movement.


Breathing laterally into the ribcage into the lower lungs where the gaseous exchange of air is more efficient. The breathing in Pilates is unique and a technique to be mastered in order to be able to successfully perform the matwork exercises.

The types of Pilates classes we offer:


Also please refer to our Medical Pilates section regarding specific injuries or ailments


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