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Pilates reformer exerciseThe Pilates Reformer, also known as the Universal Reformer, is a piece of Pilates equipment, from which many of the matwork exercises are derived.

The Reformer is very versatile and the exercises/movements performed on it make use of controlled resistance. This makes it especially beneficial for rehabilitation.

The movements which can be performed on the Reformer range from basic to very advanced, covering every possible physical need.

A Private Pilates Reformer Class would be tailored to focus on your particular need.


What are the benefits ?

The benefits of the Pilates Reformer are endless. To mention a few, the Pilates Reformer provides the opportunity for:

  • building bone density in post menopausal women who are at risk or already suffering from osteoporosis
  • rehabilitation, by safely strengthening and mobilising your body, following an accident, injury or surgery
  • rehabilitating injuries like the rotator cuff, the calf etc
  • strengthening the body and improving posture for conditions like scoliosis, kyphosis, lumbar lordosis
  • improving your dance or athletic performance by strengthening your feet, calves, adding plyometrics to your training, challenging flexibility and core strength
  • a way to lose inches off your body
  • a new dimension to your Pilates workout
  • a way to strengthen, realignment and rebalance your body post pregnancy
  • burning fat by adding a cardio, but non-impact base to your exercise regime

How does the equipment work?

The Pilates Reformer builds muscular strength not bulk. The machine is composed of a rectangular platform with a carriage, springs, ropes and modern hydraulics mechanisms to create resistance against movement.

The moving carriage works with interchangeable resistance so it is possible to perform the exercises at all levels of difficulty.The foot plate allows for jumping, plyometrics and cardio exercise. The reformer provides unique exercise resistance that allows an individual to work with absolute precision whilst developing good alignment, core strength, flexibility and mobility.

See the Fees section for pricing options and Contact us to book a personal Universal Reformer class


Have you had knee surgery?
Do you suffer from knee pain?
Are you constantly tearing ligaments in your knees?

Understanding your Knees

A Pilates programme on the Reformer will optimize knee function. To help you understand how to help your knees, it is important to understand the way your knees work.

The Knee Joint

The knee is a hinge joint and its primary function is flexion and extension. The knee joint lacks what we call intrinsic stability and so therefore it relies on the ligaments and muscles which surround the knee for support. An imbalance in the ligament and/or muscle strength will affect the function of the knee.

Ligaments & Muscles surrounding the Knee

The ligaments provide anterior and posterior stability. They become vulnerable when the knee is twisted or hit from an angle. The muscles around the knee create movement and support the joint. The four muscles which support the knee are the Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip abductors, adductors and external rotators and the lower leg muscles. When all these muscles work in perfect harmony our knees will keep us going for a lifetime without any problems!

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