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Pilates is one the safest and most effective methods of exercise and relaxation for women who are pregnant. 

If you are starting Pilates for the first time then from 16 weeks is a good time to look for a class. Most pregnancy classes focus on breathing, posture, stretching and strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, oblique abdominals, back, arms and pelvis. All essential for a strong healthy body to carry your baby.

If you are looking for an antenatal class in Dungarvan then please contact Caroline 



What you can expect to achieve from an Antenatal Pilates workout?

antenatal body

In pregnancy, the pressure of the growing uterus on the spine causes the centre of gravity to change.

With an increased curve in the back, and the separation of abdominal muscles, many women develop backache and poor posture.

A Pilates workout during pregnancy focuses on exercises & stretches to help strengthen the core and stabilise the pelvis. Core muscles include the pelvic floor (the muscles which control the functions of the bladder and bowel), the transverse abdominis (which lies beneath the womb) and engages jointly with the pelvic floor and the glutueal muscles as they are connected internally with your transverse abdominis and play an important role in pelvic stability.

What are the benefits?

  • Pilates encourages deep breathing and relaxation
  • Classes will help to get your baby into the right position for birth
  • Pilates is an integration of mind and body – a useful skill when giving birth
  • Pelvic floor strength is essential for the prevention of stress incontinence
  • Core control will help to support, stabilise the back and pelvis
  • Pilates can help to prevent PGP
  • Improved circulation, to prevent swollen legs and cramping feet & calves
  • Pilates exercises are adapted as your body changes
  • Pilates will make you feel better and stronger as your pregnancy progresses
  • Pilates will help you get back into shape more quickly after the birth
  • After a Pilates class you will be rewarded with a wonderful night’s sleep!
Like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, Pilates exercises fit together for you to develop and maintain the perfect pregnant body.