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...building beautiful bendy bodiesTM

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People we have helped

Doctors, consultants, physios and friends all refer clients to Pilates Lifestyle because of our success in treating:

  • GAA players; backs, knees, shoulders, necks
  • Runners; knees, hips, lower backs
  • Walkers; knees, hips, lower backs
  • Gardeners; lower backs, shoulders
  • Golfers; backs, hips, shoulders
  • Builders; backs
  • Nurses; backs
  • Farmers; backs
  • Factory and office workers; backs, necks
  • Homemakers; backs, necks, shoulders
  • Pre / Postnatal women; backs, hips, pelvic floor
  • Car accident and work related injuries


What you will find at Pilates Lifestyle

  • A fully equipped Pilates studio
  • Professional, friendly and experienced instructors
  • Men and women from age 11 to 80+
  • People of all shapes and sizes
  • Classes to suit couch potatoes and elite athletes
  • Rehabilitative private classes for specific treatments


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Most of us don't ask the question – how many calories do we actually burn in a Pilates class simply because most of us are not there to burn fat, rather we take up Pilates to exercise and stretch practically every muscle in our bodies, tone our abs, strengthen our backs, re-align our bodies, stretch out our bodies, become more flexible, and so on.
The calorie count is probably the last on our list of questions but it has been asked before and of course we do burn calories in Pilates so here is a report you may find of interest.....

A report published by the American College of Sports Medicine tells of new research conducted by Michele Olson, Ph.D. Olson and her team measured the calories burned during beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pilates mat workouts. The research team monitored heart rate, metabolic rate and rate of perceived exertion while the participants performed exercises in a random order.

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When practised regularly, a Pilates workout out will:

  • Improve joint mobility and flexibility, making you walk taller and feel slimmer
  • Improve strength and muscle tone giving you a strong and supple spine
  • Achieve a flatter tummy by engaging deep core abdominal muscles
  • Enhance your sex life through greater flexibility and tighter pelvic floor muscles
  • Help respiratory, lymphatic and circulation problems
  • Make you less prone to injury when playing sports or other physical activities
  • Improve your posture through shoulder stabilisation
  • Make you feel mentally and physically relaxed and energized
  • Permanent pain relief by addressing the cause, not the symptom

pilates swiss ball exerciseAlthough it is better to practise Pilates under the observation of a trained instructor, it is not always possible for clients to make it to the classes.

Doing some Pilates is better than no Pilates at all and following the instructions from DVD's is the next best thing to being in a dedicated class.

Have a look at our Medical Pilates section where we provide information and videos on a wide variety of specific ailments or injuries as well as solutions for pain relief from these. These include:

  • knee injuries
  • sciatica
  • back pain
  • the pelvic floor 
  • massage techniques
Postnatal specific articles and videos can be found in the Postnatal Pilates section.

The types of Pilates classes we offer:

Have a look at our timetable of Pilates classes to find a class that would suit you or contact Caroline for more information or to book a Private class.

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