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Spring/Summer 2024

08h40 Reformer: Level 3
09h50 Reformer: Level 3
11h00 Reformer: Level 2/3
17h15 Mat: Level 1-3
18h30 Reformer: Level 3
19h40 Reformer: Level 3
09h20 NEW! Mat: Level 3
10h30 NEW! Reformer: Level 1/2 
11h40 NEW! Reformer: Level 1/2
18h30 Reformer: Level 2
19h40 Reformer: Level 3/4
10h30 NEW! Mat: Level 1/2
17h40 Reformer: Level 1/2
18h45 Reformer: Level 3/4
20h00 Mat: Level 2/3
09h20 Reformer: Level 3 
10h30 Mat: Level 3
11h40 Reformer: Level 1/2
18h30 Reformer: Level 2
19h40 Reformer: Level 3/4
09h20 NEW! Mat: Level 2/3
10h30 NEW! Mat: Level 1/2
08h40 Reformer: Level 3
09h50 Reformer: Level 1/2
11h00 Reformer: Level 3


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 Essential Class Information:

  • Pilates levels are a guide to helping you select the correct class for your body.
  • Pilates exercises are designed to layer and build on each other.
  • If you select a class that is deemed unsuitable for your body, you may be asked to change class.
  • Please note there is a user weight limit on the Reformer of 120kg.
  • Contact Caroline if you need some help deciding which level is best for you.

Level 1 – Entry level

  • Ideal for clients new to both Mat and/or Reformer as well as clients rehabilitating an injury.
  • Level 1 teaches the fundamental techniques, principles & Pilates exercises.
  • It is an effective and safe way to develop your core, increase your flexibility & mobility
  • Future proof bone density, improve posture & rehabilitate from injury or illness.
  • Level 1  pre-supposes a certain degree of mobility.
  • Clients must be able to get up and down & move around on & off the mat/reformer unassisted.
  • If you have been referred to Pilates by a medical professional, we suggest booking a private class first.

Level 2 – Beginner level

  • Ideal for beginners without injury who wish to progress.
  • This level is also suitable for anyone with moderate to good fitness levels new to either the Mat or Reformer.
  • The workouts build on the fundamental principles & techniques taught at Level 1.
  • Continue to build up core strength, flexibility, muscular endurance & balance, learning to isolate and integrate muscle groups.
  • Level 2 will prepare both your mind and body to move on to the next level if that is your goal.

Level 3 – Intermediate level

  • Ideal for clients who have at least 6 months to a year of regular Reformer or Mat Pilates classes.
  • This level runs at a faster pace, has less explanations and requires a good working knowledge of the Reformer.
  • The classes are designed with modifications so that clients at Level 2 can work-out safely alongside Level 3 clients

Level 4 – Advanced level

  • The moves are intense, progressions tougher, changeovers faster and explanations less.
  • You can expect to see a significant improvement in strength, flexibility, body-sculpting and muscle tone.
  • This class requires a good level of fitness, stamina and technical ability.
  • The classes are designed with modifications so that clients at Level 3 can work-out safely alongside Level 4 clients.

2024:  8-week course Price List

  • 1 classs p/w: €135
  • 2 classes p/w: €255
  • 1 class p/w: €185
  • 2 classes p/w: €350
Reformer/Mat combinations:
  • 1 Mat & 1 Reformer p/w: €300
Private Classes:
  • One on One: €60
  • Two on one: €80

Studio Policies

Booking & Payment Policy

  • Booking is essential for all courses
  • Advanced payment required to secure a place
  • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Courses cannot split be or shared
  • Courses cannot be deferred or extended beyond the course expiry date
  • Contact Caroline to book your place

Cancellation Policy

  • We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy on all group and private classes
  • Cancellations via text message please
  • The cancellation policy is not implemented on a case-by-case basis

Health & Safety Policy

  • Please sign in before class
  • Please wipe down all equipment with hygienic spray provided
  • Please do not come to class if you are sick or have anything contagious. 
  • We have taken every precaution to ensure your safety – please make sure you do too

Essential Studio Information

  • Socks with grips are compulsory studio footwear.
  • Purchase from the studio or bring/buy your own.
  • All classes are 55 minutes
  • We operate a shoe-less & jewellery free studio
  • Please avoid wearing clothing with zips as they damage the equipment
  • Please put your phone on silent so that you and others can workout without distractions
  • If you are new to the studio you will need to complete a health questionnaire
  • Please always inform your teacher before class if you have any new injuries or health issues.