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Reformer Beginner Workshop

€ 35,00
Reformer Workshops with spaces:

Who should attend this workshop?
  • This workshop is a Reformer class specifically designed to teach clients how to use the equipment safely
  • Suitable for beginners or clients new to the Reformer or Pilates
  • Suitable for clients with osteoporosis & osteoarthritis
  • Please note there is a 120kg weight limit
 Dates and Times:
  • Wednesday 12th June at 10h30
  • Wednesday 19th June at 19h30
Why the Reformer? 
  • Stretch & strengthen your whole body in a safe way
  • Resistance training preserves bone density
  • Preserving bone density is essential as we age
  • Recommended for clients with osteoarthritis & osteoporosis
  • Recommended to reduce back pain and muscle stiffness
  • Recommended for core strength, muscles tone, posture, mobility, flexibility
  • What’s not to love about this amazing machine!
  • Book into a workshop and discover for yourself the benefits of a Reformer workout.