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Pop and Dance Pilates for adults

In 1925 Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara sailed across the Atlantic bound for New York. It was here in New York City that Joseph Pilates set up his studio and so began what was to become the world's fastest growing form of rehabilitative exercise.

dance pilatesIn his studio Joseph Pilates would rehabilitate and train the bodies of ballet dancers from the New York City Ballet company. 

Dancers as famous as Martha Graham and George Balanchine would take Pilates classes. As the word of his method spread so the New York Ballet company put Joseph Pilates on the map.

Caroline, with her extensive training in both Pilates and dance, has introduced a new, exciting and unique workout. 

This ever evolving class is now achievable for even those who consider themselves to have “2 left feet”!  Cardio pilates is our new class on the timetable with even more fat burning as we add skipping, jogging and turning our foam rollers into ballet barres for barre Pilates! 

If you think you are burning up to 360 calories in an intermediate matwork class, imagine how much body fat we are burning in cardio pilates. So if matwork is a little slow for you, try this pop Pilates class where we sweat, squat, skip, jog, stretch & tone, twist & bop.  It’s the fastest flying hour of the week! 

If you like the sound of this, then you must try out our Body Blitzes outside of term times. It’s an extended cardio class of 90 minutes. This class is so well balanced with so many different routines, each one unique and targeting a different set of muscles so you never fatigue and there is always a stretch track just when you feel you can’t do anymore! Singing along as you workout too not only makes it all the more enjoyable but also increases cardio stamina and burns extra calories as well!

This totally achievable workout is for every level of fitness from couch potatoes to fitness enthusiasts!


The types of Pilates classes we offer:


Also please refer to our Medical Pilates section regarding specific injuries or ailments

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