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...building beautiful bendy bodiesTM

Pilates on Small Ball DVD + Small Ball; Intermediate / Advanced

DVD and Small Ball combo
€ 24,99

Continue to build your very own beautiful bendy body with the great DVD and Small Ball combo deal! 

1. The DVD:

Ideal for dedicated Pilates students and fitness enthusiasts & fitness instructors, this DVD offers an ultimate, yet attainable dynamic and challenging workout. 

The Intermediate / Advanced Pilates DVD offers a unique and varied programme which includes:
  • clear instructions,
  • exercise watch points,
  • helpful hints and visualisations, 
  • 4 separate workouts

making it the ultimate mind-body workout.



The Workouts:

  • 7 essential Pilates techniques: 17 minutes
  • 34 exercises in a full body workout of 58 minutes
  • 3 mini-workouts of 10, 20 & 30 minutes each
  • Total running time: 135 minutes



DVD sample; The 10 minute workout



This Pilates workout develops:

  • Muscular endurance and core strength
  • Pelvic floor control and groin muscle strength
  • Stamina, flexibility & joint mobility
  • Balance & postural alignment
  • Neuromuscular control for injury prevention
  • Mind-body concentration, co-ordination & control 

Equipment required:

  • Exercise mat,
  • 9 inch small ball (soft gym ball)

DVD specifications:

  • Region: All
  • Language: English
  • Picture: Widescreen 16:9
  • Sound: Dolby 2.0

2. The Small Ball:

The 9" Gymnic Small Ball (or Soft Gym Ball) is a versatile and very portable piece of exercise equipment can be taken with you anywhere as it inflates with a small straw in seconds!

The Small Ball offers the ultimate challenge for a dynamic and energetic mind body workout. 
pilates small ball

Product Info:

  • 200lb weight limit
  • 9 inches in diameter
  • soft easy-grip texture made from PVC foam
  • inflation straw and stopper included
  • colours dependent on stock availability; red, yelllow or blue

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