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2-on-1 Private Pilates Gift Voucher

€ 80,00

This elegant voucher is designed to fit inside a standard greeting card.
Click the image above for a larger version.

2on1-gift-voucherAnalysing and understanding the way you move your body is an integral part of Pilates.
This private, two-on-one Pilates gift voucher will give the bearer just that; a personalised Pilates session to suit their needs.
The private Pilates session could be used to learn the fundamentals of Pilates, before joining a group class or to provide relief from a particular ailment or injury. 

What you get from a private class:
  • 55 minutes of private Pilates
  • learn the 7 essential Pilates techniques
  • use the Pilates Reformer to analyse movement patterns
  • address any injuries and imbalances,
  • highlight strengths and weaknesses,
  • make recommendations for the future and
  • give you an overall tailor-made, full body workout.

Before attending, the bearer must simply contact Pilates Lifestyle to arrange a suitable class.

Please note:
  • This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash
  • A 20% administration fee will be charged for refunds
  • This voucher is valid for 6 months


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