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...building beautiful bendy bodiesTM

Matwork Course; 1 Class a week

€ 90,00

Matwork classes with spaces

Online class booking method:
  1. Identify the classes you want to attend from the timetable below.
  2. Select one class from each drop-down list shown.
  3. Drop-downs display "No" if no spaces available.
  4. Follow the checkout process to make your payment.

Winter 2021 Timetable & 2022 Info


09h05 Reformer: Mixed Levels
10h10 Reformer: Beginner
16h50 Reformer: Antenatal & Postnatal
18h00 Reformer: Intermediate
19h15 Reformer: Intermediate
10h00 Mat Class: Mixed Levels
11h15 Mat Class: Beginner Level
17h40 Reformer: Fundamental/Beginner
19h00 Mat Class: Mixed levels; Studio & Zoom
17h40 Reformer: Fundamental/Beginner
19h00 Mat Class: Pilates for Men
20h10 Mat Class: Pilates for Men
10h00 Mat Class: Mixed Levels
11h15 Reformer Class: Mixed Levels
17h40 Reformer Class: Beginner
18h50 Reformer Class: Intermediate
20h00 Reformer Class: Intermediate/Advanced
08h40 Reformer Class: Mixed Levels
09h50 Reformer Class: Beginner
11h00 Reformer Class: Intermediate


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