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...building beautiful bendy bodiesTM

2 Reformer + 1 Matwork Bundle

€ 290,00

Reformer classes with spaces:
2nd Reformer classes with spaces:
Matwork classes with spaces:

Please Note:
The Pilates Lifestyle Prerequisite Reformer Workshop needs to be completed before booking/joining any Reformer class.
Online Pilates Bundle class booking method:
  1. The Pilates Lifestyle Prerequisite Reformer Workshop needs to be completed before joining any Reformer class. Contact Caroline for Workshop dates.
  2. Identify the classes you want to attend from the timetable below.
  3. Select one class from each drop-down list shown.
  4. Drop-downs display "No" if no spaces available.
  5. Follow the checkout process until redirected to PayPal.

Winter 2019 Timetable:

  • New 6-week course
  • Mon 4th Nov - Sat 14th Dec
  • 2 new Group Reformer classes
  • New Prepay-Drop-In Reformer option
  • Private classes by appointment
10h00 Mixed Levels; Matwork
11h10 Reformer
19h00 Intermediate; Mat
20h00 Beginner; Mat
08h45 Reformer
10h00 Mixed Levels; Mat
11h00 Beginner; Mat
19h00 Beginner; Mat
20h00 Intermediate; Mat
17h45 Reformer
19h00 Pregnancy & Postnatal; Mat
20h00 Pilates for Men; Mat
10h00 Intermediate; Mat
11h00 Beginner; Mat
19h00 Mixed Levels; Mat
20h00 Mixed Levels; Barre
10h00 Mixed Levels; Mat
11h10 Reformer
12h10 Reformer



More information:

  • Discover the increased benefits of doing more than one class a week.
  • More information about the current Pilates course can be found on our Pilates timetable page.
  • Pilates Lifestyle offers a wide range of Pilates Classes, including reformer, matwork, barre, ball, pregnancy, men only.


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