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Pilates for Posture Audio Exercises

Pilates for Posture Audio Exercises
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How Pilates helps with poor posture:

Many of us suffer from ailments relating to poor posture.

Sitting behind a computer all day, manual labour, repetative actions and pregnancy are common examples of situations leading to poor posture.

Muscles work in pair, so in Pilates, while we strengthen the core postural muscles, we stretch the opposite group of muscles to rebalance the body and develop correct posture.
Increased flexibility and mobility of joints and muscle groups further enhances good, pain-free posture.

This alleviates pain associated with poor posture and helps prevent it from returning, as both the cause and the symptoms are addressed.

The 14 exercises and stretches in this mp3 download are all designed to improve posture and re-train the body to create healthy movement patterns. they can be followed as a complete workout or individually as time and need requires.


The benefits of mp3 audio files:

  • mp3 files are very versatile and can be played on a wide variety of devices, including smart phones.
  • You can create your own playlists and thereby make up personalised exercise workouts.
  • No limit on where these stretches and exercises can be performed, indoors and outdoors.

As the need to stretch or exercise so often occurs when you are travelling, at work or simply away from the Pilates class or DVD player, we have compiled a specific Pilates for Posture audio workout for you to follow on your favourite mp3 player, smart phone or CD player.

Exercises in this workout:

  1. The Roll Up
  2. Snow Angles
  3. Spine Curls
  4. Shoulder Drops and Cross Over
  5. Neck Stretches and Rolls
  6. Hip Buttock and Upper Body Stretch
  7. The Diamond
  8. The Swan Dive
  9. The Dart
  10. Arm Exercises
  11. Arms Openings and Circles
  12. The Cat Stretch
  13. The Bear
  14. Neck stretches with the band
  15. Finishing
postnatal pilates_1

Equipment used:

The Pilates equipment used in these exercises is small and easily transportable. Both the small ball and the resistance band fold away flat.
If you do not have them with you, a pillow can be used instead of the small ball and a towel or belt instead of the band.
These equipment replacements are not as good, but can certainly help out.

  • Small Ball
  • Resistant Band
  • Pilates mat

Exercise samples:

Below is a selection of 30 second sample files taken from this workout. Click any exercise to hear it.

Name Play Duration
Snow Angels
Pilates Lifestyle

0:24 min
Spine Curls
Pilates Lifestyle

0:24 min
Shoulder Drops and Cross Over
Pilates Lifestyle

0:26 min


Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an email containing the download link for the .mp3 files.

Save the zip file download to your computer. Extract it and then import into your music software (eg: 'add files' using iTunes).

Technical Info:

  • Media Type: Audio
  • Format: MP3
  • Running time: 00:38:05
  • File size: 36MB

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