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Fun Facts about Reformer Classes

Your co-ordination is not as good as you thought it was… While you thought you nailed your left from your right decades ago, there's something about trying to balance on a reformer machine that throws the whole system into disarray.

Exhaling and inhaling can be confusing… No matter how many times you're told to inhale and exhale throughout your session, you still find yourself holding your breath for prolonged periods, and only realising after your teacher spots your red face and pursed lips!

Rolling your spine is not something that comes easy…. While you're trying your hardest to complete the apparently fluid motion, you can't help but notice your spine touching the machine is more of a 'dunk, dunk, dunk' motion.

The sound of the carriage crashing 'home' is shameful…. While everyone else is able to keep their carriage steady and glide it 'home' with ease, you're accidentally smashing yours into the end of the machine and ruining the peaceful atmosphere.

The use of the straps is vaguely disconcerting... Seeing your feet in stirrups conjures flashbacks of labour, which is not what you need when you have core-work to do.

The image of yourself falling off the carriage never leaves you... Squatting is hard at the best of times but when you're on a surface which can move at a moment's notice, you do wonder whether a toned body is worth it.

You enjoy the sound of your voice telling people you do Reformer Pilates... You may struggle to get through a sequence without getting confused, but hey, no one except your trainer and classmates need to know that.

You leave every class feeling like a total superstar... Yes, you may have some improving to do, but when it comes to it, you're owning those straps, that carriage and those abs like a total pro.