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The magic of the Pilates Reformer

Pilates on the Reformer is an incredible movement system that is endlessly beneficial for your mind and body and one that should run so much deeper than the dream of a flat stomach! Beyond your toned abs your body will be transformed from the inside out. You will notice the difference in how your body looks and moves, improving your alignment, posture, strength and flexibility.

The calming power of reformer pilates will clear your mind, leaving you de-stressed and relaxed, while taking your body confidence sky high.

A Reformer Pilates class takes your whole mind and body through an incredible flow of movement, using actions such as squatting, lunging, rotation and extension. The aim is to get our bodies moving again, stretching, strengthening, increasing mobility and challenging our neuromuscular patterns to get our bodies back into sync. 

 Reformer Pilates works using the resistance of springs. The resistance will challenge your body, tone and strengthen your muscles. But it doesn’t stop at a toned body, resistance training has long lasting benefits. Balance exercises are a huge part of Reformer Pilates. Visualise lunges on a moving platform! Improving your balance prevents falls and injuries especially as we age. As we advance through life, our muscles follow a path of degeneration where they lose strength and mass. So as you work out on the reformer you are not only toning your body for now but looking after it for the future. Put in the ground work now to live better later on.

Reformer Pilates stretches your body in every plane, twisting and rotating you like never before. The springs again provide the magic to take your flexibility to the next level. They can be adjusted to cater for whatever your base level of flexibility is. So whether your goal is to touch your toes, to go for full splits or an amazing backbend you will be astounded by how much your flexibility can improve.

Reformer Pilates balances us in every sense of the word. For many of us our minds are in overdrive, we are stressed, tired and sometimes feel a little out of control. Pilates is a wonderful form of mindfulness. No stress, no worries, just time to focus on you. This time to unwind and self reflect will benefit you for hours afterwards. You will notice how much happier, relaxed and at ease you feel after a class.

Reformer Pilates allows you to change your body goals. Instead of focusing on the scales we focus on positive body goals. These positive goals empower our minds and bodies, keeping us focused and motivated leading to unbelievable results.

The classes at Pilates Lifestyle are “fun”, dynamic and challenging. Although Reformer Pilates is one of the hardest workouts for your body you won’t notice the time fly by. After the session you will feel like a superstar - sweaty, but a superstar nonetheless!