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...building beautiful bendy bodiesTM

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 Reforming your Body

Once you have made the decision to join a Pilates class, one of the most beneficial things you could do is book yourself a private class.

Postural & Gait Analysis

The object of a private class is for the instructor to perform a postural and gait analysis on you, the client. Analysing and understanding your own personal movement pattern is an integral part of your Pilates progression. Teaching you the 7 essential Pilates techniques and using the Reformer to analyse your movement pattern, this class will ensure that you are fully prepared, mentally and physically, to get the most out of your regular Pilates group classes.

Healthy versus Unhealthy Movement Patterns

Every body has healthy and unhealthy movement patterns. Most people start Pilates because of some sort of pain. Usually the pain is due to muscular imbalance. Some muscles are working too hard and others not hard enough. Some muscles will need to be strengthened and others stretched. Having a pain free body is a question of balancing the body so that each muscle group plays the role it is meant to play within your body. Sport, injuries old and new, repetitive movements in a job, driving, sitting at a desk & childbirth just to mention a few, are all responsible for our bodies developing a lifetime of bad habits.

Your Pilates

At the end of your private class, we discuss your strengths and weaknesses ascertained from our Gait & Postural Analysis, and make recommendations for future exercises and routines which will be most beneficial for you and your postural type. We suggest the classes which will be most beneficial to you and should you need it, make suggestions for an extra exercise programme to follow at home.

Pilates as a Lifestyle

We teach you that Pilates is a way of life; a lifestyle. Not something that you practise for only one hour a week but rather a way of life which needs to become an integral part of your life and through Pilates classes we provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to make the transition to this new lifestyle. A Pilates Lifestyle.

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The types of Pilates classes we offer:

Also please refer to our Medical Pilates section regarding specific injuries or ailments