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2022 Summer Timetable

  • Tues 5th July to Sat 10th Sept*
  • *No classes Sept 1st & 3rd
  • Mat classes walk-in
  • Reformer classes pre-book via text/email or in studio
  • Click here for summer prices
  • Contact Caroline


08h40 Reformer: Beg/Int
09h45 Reformer: Beginner
11h00 Mat: Beg/Int
18h20 Reformer: Beginner
19h30 Reformer: Intermediate
10h00 Mat Class: Beg/Int
18h20 Reformer: Beg/Int
19h30 Reformer: Int/Adv
09h20 Reformer: Beg/Int
10h30 Reformer: Beg/Int

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Price List:


  • Single class: €16.50
  • 4 classes: €60
  • 6 classes: €90


  • Single class: €25
  • 4 class bundle: €90
  • 8 class bundle: €170
  • 12 class bundle: €240

Private class prices:

  • Individual: €50
  • 2 on 1: €35 each

Socks & gloves prices:

  • Toesox:  €15-€22
  • Grip gloves:  €25

Summer Cancellation Policy (Reformer Only)

  • 4pm the day before for Morning Classes
  • 1pm on the day for Evening Classes
  • Via text message only please
  • Cancellations outside of these hours will be fully charged



Attendance T&Cs

Booking & Payment Policy

  • Booking is essential for all courses
  • Advanced payment is necessary to secure a place
  • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Clients cannot split or share courses
  • Courses cannot be deferred or extended beyond the course expiry date
  • Contact Caroline to book your place

 Cancellation Policy

  • We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy on all group and private classes
  • Cancellations made after this time will be fully charged
  • Cancellations via text message please
  • The cancellation policy is not implemented on a case-by-case basis

Health & Safety Policy

  • Please use the hand sanitizer at the bottom or top of the stairs
  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your class
  • Face masks are optional
  • Please sign in before class
  • Please wipe down all equipment with hygienic wipes provided
  • When your class is over, please chat outside in the fresh air.
  • All windows will remain open, if you are a cold creature, layer-up!
  • Please do not come to class if you are sick or have anything contagious. 
  • We have taken every precaution to ensure your safety – please make sure you do too

 Essential Studio Information

  • Toesox, socks with grips are compulsory studio footwear.
  • Purchase from the studio or bring/buy your own.
  • Beginner classes pre-suppose a certain level of mobility
  • You must be able to get up and down off the mat/floor with ease
  • All classes are 55 minutes
  • We have filtered water for clients to stay hydrated
  • We operate a shoe-less and jewellery free studio
  • Please leave your shoes in the designated area
  • Please avoid wearing clothing with zips as they damage our equipment
  • Please bring as few personal items to the studio as possible
  • Please put your phone on silent so that you and others can workout without distractions
  • If you are new to the studio you will need to complete a health questionnaire
  • Please inform your instructor before class if you have any new injuries or health issues.


The types of Pilates classes we offer:


Also please refer to our Medical Pilates section regarding specific injuries or ailments

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