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Pilates stretches and massages

Foam roller massage

The following video demonstrates some fantastic massages that you can give yourself using a foam roller.
The foam roller is great for pain relief from stiff, sore muscle groups.

Areas covered include:

  • thighs (including IT band) and calves
  • hips
  • back
  • shoulders
  • neck



The great thing about the roller is that once you have bought it, you will have free massages for life! 

Once you try a massage on the foam roller, you will be hooked.  It can be really intense and quite painful.  
You discover for yourself which muscle groups you use more than others depending on how sore they are to massage.

We have tried to cover each large muscle group in the above video.  When you find one and can feel the knots, stay there for a bit longer and aim to massage it out.  This is an essential piece of equipment for every home!