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Our Pilates Online section provides a range of Pilates exercise videos to download for an online Pilates workout.

The Pilates Lifestyle® videos are available on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you will automatically be notified of new Pilates videos.

Featured video: Pilates Technique; Breathing


More Pilates Technique Videos:

The seven fundamental Pilates techniques are each explained in detail in their own video. Watch the videos and practise/implement these techniques. The sooner you perfect them, the quicker the benefits of Pilates will become apparent in your daily life.


Please read our health & safety warning before watching. These Pilates videos are also all available in our Pilates on the Small Ball DVD series.

Pilates Breathing

1. Pilates Technique: Breathing

In this video, Caroline Anderson, Principal Instructor at Pilates Lifestyle® teaches you how to breath correctly in Pilates. The breath is probably the most important technique to master and it takes time.

Give yourself at least 6 weeks to let the brain and body connect and keep practising the breathing. Out of all the techniques this one is probably the most important and may take the longest to master.

Pilates Technique; Neutral Spine

2. Pilates Technique: Neutral Spine

This video teaches you how to practise and understand what we mean by neutral spine and neutral pelvis as well as arching versus imprinting the spine. A technique which you need to practise and master to understand and benefit from any pilates workout.

3. Pilates Technique: Core Abdominals

In this video you will learn how to engage the Transverse Abdominis and Pelvic Floor Muscles. Both muscles being an integral part of any Pilates workout. Keep practising "pulling up" and "pulling in", until muscle memory kicks in and your body learns to do it on its own.

4. Pilates Technique: Oblique Abdominals

Caroline teaches you how to find the oblique abdominal muscles. An abdominal muscle group which is used extensively not only in Pilates but in many sports too like golf, tennis or any other activity which requires a twisting or turning movement.

5. Pilates Technique: Loading the Abs

This video teaches you the principle of loading the abdominal muscles. This is really important to understand and be aware of when lifting either one or both legs off the mat. The height of the leg(s) will determine whether the spine stays in neutral, or needs to imprint, but never arch away from the mat

 6. Pilates Technique: Head Placement

In this video, Caroline teaches you where, how and why the head is placed when working with the head up off the mat.

 7. Pilates Technique: Shoulder Stabilisation

This video teaches you why and how we practise this technique of stabilisation the shoulder girdle. Identify your core postural muscles and practise the exercises in this video to help you understand, improve and apply this to your Pilates workout.


Want even more videos?

  • We have uploaded more than 40 Pilates videos to our YouTube Channel.
  • Videos are grouped into levels of experience.
  • A variety of playlists allow you to work through all the videos in one cllick.
  • Begin your Pilates workout online here.

Caroline Anderson of Pilates Lifestyle®offers a wide variety of both private and group Pilates classes in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

Health & Safety Warning and Disclaimer

Not all exercise is suitable for everyone. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.
The instruction presented herein is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Discontinue exercise immediately if you experience pain or discomfort. Improper use of exercise equipment may cause serious injury. Use Pilates and/or general exercise equipment only after trained to do so by certified instructors.
The exercises provided by Pilates Lifestyle® are for information purposes only. No liability is accepted for any or all loss or injury arising out of your use of the exercises presented herein howsoever caused and you agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Caroline Anderson t/a Pilates Lifestyle® for any and all such loss or injury resulting from your use of such exercises and the instruction presented therein.